Call to action (CTA) email module - Mini survey

The CTA email module is a special module which allows you to directly survey your customers.

In a single click, a customer can join a mailing list or receive a tag which will enrich your data and improve the accuracy of your future segmentations.

The module can have 1 to 5 buttons, each of having their own action and redirection link. The buttons, texts and actions can be edited in the email content editor.


An action can be one of the following,

  • Subscribe to a mailing list

  • Unsubscribe from a mailing list

  • Assign a tag

  • Remove a tag


After the action has been processed, the customer will be redirected to the given address.

Redirect link

The actions will be valid for 30 days after sending the email and can be activated twice a minute at most. If the customer clicks a button a third time under a minute or after 30 days have passed, they will simply be redirected to the defined address but the action will not be performed.

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