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Creating an External Campaign Action


External Campaign Actions are used if you want target the audience in other external channels like Facebook, Google Adwords or traditional direct mail. The fields made available by the external campaigns are user configurable. Please refer to the relevant guide to find out how to configure them.

This is the step-by-step guide to create an external campaign.

1. Create a new action, and choose External Campaign

Select external campaign

2. Choose the target audience for the campaign action

This happens exactly the same way as with other campaign action types

Selecting audience

3. Move to the Activation tab of the campaign creating process

  • Define the sales tracking period for the campaign action.

  • When you are ready, you just activate the campaign action using the green button. Next you can download the csv file as a email list (typically used by Facebook and Google) or as a address list. Address list contains also the user id's and telephone numbers for the customers.

  • When you activate the campaign an event is created to the customer's timeline to indicate that this customer has been part of the campaign.

  • Upload the address list to your target channel like Facebook or Google

4. Follow the statistics of the campaign

You can follow the online and offline conversion of the campaign using Custobar campaign statistics tools. This is something for example which Facebook is not able to provide and why it is valuable to follow the sales statistics using Custobar.