Creating an SMS campaign action

SMS messages are a great way to engage your customers. You can invite your most loyal customers to exclusive events or inform them about new products they are most likely to be interested in. Creating an SMS campaign activity, follows the way how you do any other campaign activity in Custobar. (It is important however to remember that before you send an SMS campaign, you need to create an SMS template.)

Below you can see the SMS creation view, it works similarly as creating other campaign activities.

Length of an SMS message


Please note: By using standard encoding for GSM messages, the 7-bit default alphabet, you can fit 160 characters in a single SMS message.

If you include even a single character which is not supported in the default alphabet, all message characters will be encoded in a different standard which will cause a maximum number of characters to drop to only 70 per message. If the message is longer than 70 characters it will be divided into two parts, where the second message will also be limited to 70 characters, even if the second message contains only basic GSM alphabet. Same rules are applied to every consequent message part.


Sender name

Usually the SMS sender name consists of letters when you are sending 1-way messages. In some countries, like Belgium, these kinds of alphanumerical (containing letters and numbers) sender names are not allowed. If you are sending messages into a such country, make sure that your sender information contains only numbers, not letters. Please contact if you need any assistance.

Activate SMS sending

If you want to use SMS campaign activities, contact us at and we will help you with a company specific configuration.