Creating magic product filters

Suppose you are already using product recommendations in your emails. In that case, you probably know that when you drag the “rabbit hat” icon to a product module, Custobar will return a personalized recommendation to an individual recipient in that slot.

You can now also add filters to the recommended product. For example, if you would like to recommend a product from a specific category. You can also add filters with several conditions. For example, your recommendation could choose a product from a specific category and brand.

Here are the steps to add filters:

  1. Click on the grey avatar icon on the top right. Choose “Settings” from the dropdown menu and “Product recommendations” from the left-hand side of the index.
  2. Scroll down on the page to “Campaign editor magic products”.
  3. To add a filter, click “+Add” and define a name for your filter. Then you can choose which product field to use as the filter and type in the value of the field.
  4. When you have added all the needed filters, click “Save”.

Campaign magic

After adding your filter, you can navigate to the “Campaign” page and create a new email campaign to find your new filtered recommendation. You can find it in the email editor in the product search. If you make several filters, they will appear in this view as a list.


If you have any questions regarding the filters, we are happy to help you at