Customer page symbols and their meaning

In Custobar's Customers view, you can identify lifetime value groups at a glance. Lifetime value is split in 10 percentiles (also called deciles in this case) calculated from the field lifetime_value_month. Here are the meanings of the different symbols:

- Diamond, This indicates the customers belonging to the 10th percentile

-  Gold, indicates the customers belonging to the top 8th

- Gray, indicates the customers belonging to the 0-7 th percentiles

- Hollow, this indicates generated/unregistered customers. Those are customer generated by a Sale or Event that does not match any existing customers for example. They will be automatically updated and promoted to registered customers when the appropriate data comes in.

Please note: The Lifetime value depends on the customer's "age" so a customer who just joined and bought something will score higher than an older customer with the same amount of sales. The new customer will have to continue purchasing as the accounts gets "older" to remain in the current percentile or will be moving down over time should they not purchase anything more over time.