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Customer satisfaction survey

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The Customer satisfaction survey is a simple, yet powerful tool which allows you to poll your customers and their general relationship with your brand.

The survey can be as simple or in-depths as needed and can be used to to make comparisons both within your company and against the standard within your industry.

The use can range from simply assessing the overall satisfaction of your customers once a year to creating post-purchase automations to identify brand proponents and reach out to detractors in hopes to address their grievances.

In email campaigns:

The Customer satisfaction survey works in two steps: A module is created which can be inserted in email. This module contains a title in the form of a question along the lines of "". Under this question are eleven buttons ranked 0 to 10.


Clicking a button will redirect the customer to a landing page where they can verify the score they selected (and change it if needed), as well as type their feedback comments should they have any.


The module can be configured directly in the source using html, while the landing page offers multiple language versions. The text displayed for each version can be defined manually.


In SMS campaigns:

If two-way SMS campaigns and Customer satisfaction are both enabled, an SMS reply from a customer starting with a number followed with text will be treated as a satisfaction result. The number will be the score, and any following text will be used as feedback comment. An automation can therefore be set up to ask the customer about their felt experience ranked 0 to 10 right after a purchase, and with a prepaid reply, the customer can provide feedback easily by replying directly to the message.



Once the Customer satisfaction survey is enabled, you can monitor it as a new tab in your Custobar dashboard.

A chart allows you to track the index value's trend while also seeing the ratings count every time someone takes the survey.


The feedback section will allow you to see the individual replies to the survey, including the details of the customer, the score they gave as well as, when available, the comments they may have left. The replies are sorted based on their respective scores in detractors, neutral and proponents groups.


Just like all dashboard tabs, it is also possible to further narrow down the customer satisfaction results by saved audiences if they have been pinned to the dashboard.

When a customer takes the survey, it will also create an entry in the customer's own timeline, which will allow you to see the same details from the reply.


Once a customer has taken the survey, the results will also be indexed for segmentation and filtering in the customer searches. This will allow you to contact customers based on the scores they gave, and even automate the responses to a customer taking the survey.


With this smart tool and a little imagination, you will be able to track your customers' satisfaction, compare your company to the industry, thank brand ambassadors for their loyalty and even turn negative experiences into wins in no time!

The Custobar Satisfaction Survey is available to our customers for an additional monthly fee. Ask more from your contact person or drop us a line at