Email sender authentication

Email sender authentication ensures that the ISPs handling messages sent by Custobar know that Custobar has your permission to send emails on your behalf. The authentication is done through a process of whitelabeling.

To get started with the automated whitelabeling, click on settings and go to Email sender authentication under the Advanced tab.


Set up a whitelabel by clicking "Add a whitelable" below and add DNS records to your hosting service.

add whitelabel

Make sure to put the right domain, ie. whitelabeling will not help if you send mails for

Whitelabel settings

Save the changes and the whitelabels will be updated. Next, click on the pencil icon to finish the process.

Whitelabel pending

You will find the CNAME records to add to your DNS configuration. Once they are added, click validate to automatically verify the records and finalize the process.

Whitelabel validation

These DNS records associate your sending domain with Custobar: When an inbox provider processes your email, they will see your domain instead of, the email sub-processor used by Custobar.