External campaign configuration for data extraction

The data inside Custobar is yours, feel free to extract it as you please! For that, you can use external campaigns, designed to allow you to segment your customers based on filters of your choosing, and a simple interface for extracting the fields you need from this segment.

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The customer fields you extract in those campaigns are user configurable: You can choose which fields will be available in multiple different lists (Three by default). All the lists are made available once the campaign is completed, and each list can contain a combination of fields tailored to your need.

To configure the external campaign lists, add fields or add lists, go to XXX.custobar.com/settings/ext-action/

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There, you can start editing the content of the lists, whether it is the title, description, icon or the actual fields extracted in the list. You can also change the order of the lists buttons, or delete lists altogether.

To configure a list, click on the pencil icon and start configuring! You can click "add column" to add more fields to be extracted, or click on the bin to remove fields.

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When you are done, hit the save button and your configuration will be ready for your next external campaign. If you want to cancel changes, simply hit the "Reset changes" button.