How to connect my Shopware 6 store to Custobar?

Are you looking for how to import customer, sales and product data from your Shopware 6 online store to Custobar? Just connect the two services with a few steps and our integration will take care of the rest.

Let's get everything ready in your Shopware 6 store

Firstly, you need to log in to your Custobar environment. Before you start with the integration in Custobar, you need to finish a few steps in your Shopware 6 store.

Next, please check the system standard currency of your Shopware 6 store. You can check the system standard currency in Shopware 6 by following these steps:

  1. Go to Shopware 6, Settings -> Shop -> Currencies.
  2. In the list of currency codes, find the currency that has a "Factor" of exactly 1.
  3. This is the system standard currency of your Shopware 6 store.

The system standard currency of your Shopware 6 store needs to match with the Custobar monetary unit. In Custobar, the monetary unit is EUR by default, and you can change in the advanced settings.

After you have checked the system standard currency, go to the admin panel of your Shopware store.

  1. Go to Settings -> System -> Integrations.
  2. Click "Add integration".
  3. Enter "Custobar" as the name of the integration or with a descriptive name of your choice.
  4. Toggle the "Administrator" setting on.
  5. Note down the "Access key ID" and "Secret access key". You will need them later in Custobar.
  6. Click "Save integration".
  7. Also, note down the domain of your Shopware 6 shop.

For example:


Now the integration itself

Finally, you can start with the integration in Custobar. Follow these steps to complete the integration:

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations.
  2. Find "Shopware 6" under the "Available integrations" list. Click "Add".
  3. In the three text boxes, enter the information you looked up in Shopware 6:
  • The domain of your store.
  • The Access key ID.
  • The Secret access key.
  1. Click "Authenticate". It will take you to the integration's detail page.
  2. Toggle on all of the data sources you want to use, out of Customers, Products, Sales. Initially, they all are disabled. After choosing the data, you want to import to Custobar, click "Save".
  3. Now you are done. The data should start to get synced into your Custobar environment now.