How to delete customers from Custobar?

Did a customer ask you to delete their personal information based on GDPR? Or maybe you imported erroneous customer data and want to delete it? There are two routes to take that will lead to slightly different results.

Delete contacts from other systems as well

When deleting contacts from Custobar, it is essential to delete them from your other systems or ensure the passive contacts won’t be returned to Custobar. Deleting the contacts only from Custobar usually isn’t enough because the different systems might bring the old customer data back. Here’s what we suggest to do when deleting old contacts:

  • Begin in Custobar by checking which contacts you want to delete. Using the “last active date” is useful, as you can create audiences of customers who have been passive for a certain amount of time. Our advice is to delete contacts older than six years, but of course, you should decide and determine what’s best for you.
  • Delete the customers from your other systems that bring data to Custobar

Delete contacts in Custobar

Remove customer information from Custobar by following the steps below. There’s also a way to delete customers in bulk (not suitable for GDPR removals) and delete customers if your customer data is coming in from Shopify.

First, search for the right customer with their customer number, email or other identifying information.

Find id

After that, navigate to the Customer 360° view by clicking on the customer list under the search block.

Customer found

In the 360° view, click on “Edit” in the right-hand corner and choose “Remove” in the drop-down menu.


Next, you can choose if you want to “Delete customer and anonymise statistics (GDPR removal requests)” or “Delete customer and related sales, events and statistics, and release customer ID”.

Delete customer

Option 1: Delete customer and anonymise statistics (GDPR removal requests)

With this option, the customer records are immediately anonymised, and, for example, revenue and campaign statistics are not affected. Customer identification data will be deleted after 14 days, during which you can still recover the data. Statistics will not disappear after 14 days. The same customer ID can not be retaken into use, and the customer cannot be recreated in Custobar.

Option 2: Delete customer and related sales, events and statistics, and release customer ID

This option is best used for deleting erroneous data. Choose this option to delete all records this customer has generated (sales, events and statistics) and release the customer ID.

As the customer ID is released, the same ID can be used again later. The customer will be recreated if you import their customer data into Custobar again.