How to keep track of identified and unidentified sales from offline stores?

Would you like to see how often your customers are identified in offline stores, and how often they are not? Start importing your unidentified offline sales into Custobar and quickly see which shops are doing a good job at identifying our customers at the till!

Benefits of importing unidentified offline sales

In the sales view you can quickly see in how big part of your sales the customer was identified within a specific time range.

Identified sales

In the shops view you can see which offline stores are doing well in identifying clients and which offline stores have room for improvement.

All sales

How to start tracking unidentified sales from offline stores?

To start using this feature, please get in touch with or your Dedicated Customer Success Manager and they will turn the feature on for you and help you get started with importing unidentified sales data.

How can my unidentified sales have a customer ID?

Even unidentified sales are assigned with a customer ID in POS (Point Of Sale) systems and Custobar.

Let’s say you were using customer ID “999999” for your unidentified sales. In that case every time a customer bought something in your offline store, but you did not identify them with a receipt, phone number, mobile loyalty card or such, their shopping will be noted for the customer ID “999999”. So it will look like customer “999999” is your most loyal customer!

This is what we’re here to change. We need to tell Custobar that customer “999999”’s sales are actually all unidentified.

What are your customer IDs for unidentified sales?

After the feature has been activated for you, you need to define which customer IDs you use for unidentified sales. This usually depends on your POS.

If you are not sure about the right customer IDs, there’s luckily an easy fix for it! You can create a search for customers who have a very high sales count, e.g. over 20 000 sales (or lower if that doesn’t give you any results).

  1. Go to the Customers view
  2. Search for “sales count”, write “20 000” and pick the “Greater than” option. Click “Define” and Custobar will give you a list of those customers who have bought something at least 20 000 times.

Sales count

  1. It’s likely that these are your unidentified customer IDs, but some might be B2B clients if you have those. So open the client information and note down only those IDs that do not belong to B2B clients.

Set up the customer IDs of your anonymous offline sales

Next, all you need to do is write down the anonymous IDs in the settings, after which you can see identified vs anonymous sales in the Sales and Shops views. At this point, no other views are affected by this change.

1. Go to “Settings” from the upper right corner menu and click on “Anonymous data”.

2. Find a section called “Unidentified offline sales”, and click on the “Configure” button next to it.

3. Write down the anonymous IDs separated by a comma. You can also leave the zero in this field; it's the default anonymous sales ID in Custobar.

4. Save and go to the Sales and Shops views to see the results.


5. Click on the “View unidentified offline sales” link to confirm that the unidentified sales from offline stores are showing up as you wanted.

6. Admire the results in the Sales and Shops views.