How to purchase email or SMS credits?

As a Custobar customer, you can choose which monthly package you will use for email and SMS campaigns. But on certain occasions, let's say a seasonal peak or a special event, you might need more than the current package without changing your plan entirely for the following months.

Custobar offers you the possibility to purchase one-off email or SMS credits.

To do so, go to your settings via the "Manage subscription" button.

Manage subscription

There, you can see the current subscription, your monthly email and SMS packages as well as the buttons to purchase more credits.

Credits purchase

Clicking on those will give you the options as well as the current pricing for each option.

Credits options

Please note that the prices displayed here are for illustration purposes only and subject to change.

Once you have selected an option, confirm, and the chosen credit package will be visible in the draft for your next bill. The purchase will be charged to the credit card provided along with the regular monthly package.

Before sending SMS messages for the first time, contact us at and we will help you to activate the feature.