How to recover a deleted customer?

Did you accidentally delete the wrong customer from Custobar? The customer data can be recovered for 14 days.

Firstly, let’s see if your customer data can be recovered.

Recovering a deleted customer

Go to the “Customers” view in Custobar and search for the customer by their ID or by field “is_forgotten”. Searching with any other data points is impossible as the data has either been anonymised or deleted at this point.

Is forgotten

If you are able to find the deleted customer and they appear in the list of customers below your search, you may be able to recover the customer data.

In this example, you can see two customers whose data has been anonymised. Notice that all other fields than ID are empty, and that the customer icon is different.

Forgotten customers

Click on the ID and you will see a view that tells you additional information about why the customer was deleted (as written by the person who deleted the customer), who deleted the customer and when.

If you can see a “Recover” button, click it to recover customer data. You will be asked to confirm the recovery. Click “Recover” again and you will be directed to the customer profile.

If you can not see the “Recover” button anymore, the customer was deleted more than 14 days ago and can not be recovered or reimported with the same ID. Read more about deleting customers and anonymising statistics (GDPR removal requests).