How to remove the Shopware 6 integration and uninstall tracking?

Follow these instructions only if you would like to remove the integration between Custobar and Shopware 6, and uninstall Custobar tracking code.

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Please note that removing the integration and uninstalling tracking does not remove data from Custobar. If your intention is to stop using Custobar or deleting all data from Custobar, please be in touch with

How to remove the integration between Shopware 6 and Custobar?

  1. In Custobar, go to Settings -> Integrations.
  2. Find "Shopware 6" under the "Added integrations" list. Click "Configure”.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click “Remove”.
  4. Confirm removal by clicking “Remove”.
  5. The integration has now been removed.

How to uninstall the Custobar tracking script?

These instructions apply only if you have used the Custobar for Shopware 6 extension to install the Custobar tracking script into your Shopware Store. Otherwise, you can ask your developer to remove the script from your store.

  1. In Shopware 6, go to Extensions -> My extensions, find “Custobar for Shopware 6”.
  2. Click on the three dots and click “Uninstall”.