How to take the abandoned basket email module into use?

Are you planning on creating an abandoned basket email automation? Or did you stumble upon our abandoned basket example email module in Custobar and are wondering how to use it? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start from the start! The guide you are reading now explains to you how to take the abandoned basket email module into use. To learn about the abandoned basket automations from a wider perspective, please read our guide about how to set up an abandoned basket reminder,

What does the example abandoned basket module do?

The module loads product data from the latest BASKET_ADD event a customer has on their Custobar timeline.

The module uses the latest BASKET_ADD event on a customer’s timeline to list products that the customer had in their shopping basket. It means that when you use this module in your abandoned basket email automation, it will always list the correct products for each customer as long as you’ve followed our instructions on how to send BASKET_ADD events into Custobar.

What kind of skills are required to edit the module?

Our example module is otherwise ready to use, but will require some coding skills (for now) to make it look like your brand.

Drop us a message at if you need help in editing email modules and templates! We are able to offer that service to you via support or our partners.

How to edit the abandoned basket module?

  1. Go to your own Custobar environment, and navigate to Settings -> Content templates.
  2. In the Content templates view you will find a folder called Transactional modules. Click the folder open, and click on the Abandoned basket module.

Abandoned basket example module

  1. A view to create a new module opens up. Click “Create” to create a copy of our example abandoned basket module.
  2. Now you can start editing the module. You can find the editable code under the Message source tab:

Abandoned basket source code

  1. At the moment the event modules, such as the Abandoned basket, the module needs to have its CSS styles inlined in the code. So, to make the module look and feel like your brand, editing the inline CSS styles may be needed.
  2. When you’re done editing the module, you can adjust on the Properties tab in which email templates you’d like the module to be usable in:

Abandoned basket settings

  1. And then just save the module and take it into use. Follow the Setting up an abandoned basket reminder guide.