How to use Custobar stickers on product images

Custobar stickers (also called badges) is a feature with which you can place images on top of the product image in the email campaigns. Some email clients do not support layers which would make it easy to place another image on top of an email image and that is why Custobar embeds the two images before sending out the campaign.

Stickers can be any image like a discount % element, "new arrival text" brand-logo of the product etc. Only your imagination is the limit.

Setting up stickers

- admin user can set up the stickers from Settings / Product stickers.

- upload any jpg, png or gif image by pressing the + sign. The size of the image does not need to be scaled down as long as it is not several megabytes. Custobar will scale it down automatically when it merges the sticker with the product image.

How to add new stickers

- You can adjust the placement of the sticker by changing size, inset and choosing the suitable corner for the image. Make sure that the "Visible in the email editor" is on. You can upload as many stickers as you want.

Using the stickers in email campaigns

1. Open the Custobar email editor and drag drop a product module to the email

2. drag-drop any of the products into the product module

3. then switch to product sticker tab and drag drop the sticker you want on top of the product.

How to add the sticker to an image

4. If you want to remove the sticker click on the product and click on the top right corner of the sticker.

How to remove the sticker from an image

Note! The product image with sticker is cached to a image cache. If you make changes to the sticker placement settings, it does not update always immediately the email editor. If this happens, you can still remove the sticker and test it with another product image after the changes of the settings or you can upload the same sticker again as a new image and remove the old one from the settings.

It is also possible to automate the placement of the stickers by using tags in the product data. This requires some customization of the email modules. for more details, please contact Custobar support.