1. Introduction

Welcome to the Custobar user guide! This guide will give you an overview of how to use Custobar to segment your customers, build campaigns and utilize your data in a rewarding way.

In addition this user guide leads you to article pages which gives you more detailed instructions.

Using your customer data effectively in different channels is the key to success!

Retail and other business-to-consumer (B2C) services have been changing rapidly during the last decades. Digitalization and the change in the consumption patterns have shifted the balance in retail and B2C commerce and highlighted the importance of digital channels with or without the combination of the physical stores/showrooms. This has meant that even big players have lost their positions and new more agile players have emerged and taken the market.

Change is happening, the question is how you can be on the winning side?

The success or failure of modern B2C commerce can be attributed to data. In case of Custobar it’s customer data. Something that hasn’t changed in retail is that people have always wanted personalized service.

Historically the local corner shop owner knew most of her patrons and that Lucy wanted her morning coffee black with sugar and that Steve’s Saturday purchase was a pack of Lucky Strikes. Nowadays in the world of retail chains and digital sales outlets this kind of personal connection is close to impossible, but people want it nonetheless.

The solution is the usage of all B2C data about the Customer, from all channels and touchpoints, in a manner that enables the B2C merchant or retailer to use this unified customer profile to do highly targeted marketing, offer personalized product recommendations and better customer service either on site, in the stores, in customer service or via any marketing channel. This is the future of B2C commerce and enabling this is exactly what we at Custobar want you to achieve.

What is Custobar?

Custobar is a customer data (CDP) and marketing automation platform specifically designed for retail, e-commerce and B2C Apps. We help retailers to use all their customer data effectively for marketing and sales and truly know their customers.

Custobar combines your retail and marketing data into actionable customer profiles. Custobar gathers all customer journey data – from browsing to buying and rating – from online and offline and based on that you can build dynamic segments and audiences for marketing. You can send highly targeted newsletters, marketing campaigns and create automations (email, SMS, targeted banners, push notifications, Google Ads, physical mail et cetera).

You also get a 360° view of every individual customer to improve your customer service either in Customer service or in stores.

Custobar also has several built-in addons to make your life easier: AI-based product recommendations, mobile loyalty card to identify customers in physical stores, customer satisfaction survey and in-store user interface.

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