Link an Unsubscribe page to a mailing list

It is now possible to create mailing list specific unsubscribe page, and link them in your message content without having to mess with the page code.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Make sure of the syntax of your mailing list

  • Create a new template with type "Custobar page"

Create a new page

  • Make sure to name it "Unsubscribe" and add the mailing list exactly how it is defined in your customer profiles

Define the list

  • Add the html code as you would with a regular page or ask our support team for a standard unsubscribe template.

  • Make sure to add the mailing list attribute to your unsubscribe link like so: &ml=nameofthelist Typically, the link will use the Custobar placeholder: --unsubscribe_link-- .

Unsubscribe link

The action to unsubscribe from this page will then remove the customer from that mailing list while leaving other marketing permission and lists untouched. If that list was the only one the customer belongs to, the marketing permission will be switched off for email communication.