Products view

On the Products page, you can see all the products in your database and search products, for example, by name or product category. You can also save the product searches to be used in the campaigns.

Products main view

You can again narrow down the search easily on the right side of the page. In this example, these sorting options include: type, price and category. You can also sort the search results based on other criteria that can be configured for your company’s industry and specific needs.

Products filtering

Clicking a product ID offers you a deeper insight into a specific product, where it is sold the most, through which channels customers are finding it, in which geographical areas you have the most customers for this product and you can even find out who are the individuals who have bought this product and when and even go further into looking at the shopping baskets in which this product was bought.

You can also find a specific product from the product list by searching for the specific product name.

Products search by name

By clicking the ID code of a product, you can see the specific product information.

Product view

  1. An overview of product information
  2. You can build recommendations for this specific product. You can also decide to move to view customers who have bought this product or bought products from this brand. And if you have any, you can even see the behavior of your saved audiences in relation to this product.
  3. A timeline and a map
  • Timeline shows when customers have bought this product. Just like in customer view, you can select time interval you want to look at by dragging the timeline.
  • Map shows those areas where the product has been sold. From the map you can select one area or areas to see through which channels the sales came from and how many of the customers were registered and anonymous.
  • Upper pie chart shows the entry channel of the customers who bought the product.
  • Low pie chart shows the proportion of registered and anonymous customers.
  1. Similar products
  2. Customers who have bought this product have also bought these products
  3. Customers who have viewed this product have also viewed these products 4, 5 and 6 are all statically calculated based on the purchase history and browsing pattern and history of the customer in relation to the whole customer base. All of these are ranked from left to right by relevance using item-item collaborative filtering logic. They form the basis of our product recommendations feature, which can be used in email campaigns and featured on your website after enabling the add-on for a monthly fee. More information can be found on our dedicated product recommendations guide.
  4. Timeline from product perspective. You can see all the purchases that include this product in the shopping basket. You can also see customers who have bought this product. By clicking on the individual record on the timeline like "Sale" you can see the details of the event, like in this case the details of the individual purchase