Search blocks

Create your own searches with search blocks.

To get to the search blocks view, simply click on Customers → Search blocks

Navigate to search blocks

To create a new search, click on the create button in the upper right corner

Create search block

When you have clicked the create button, a new window will show up where you can define the name of your search, and describe the search for other users for example. Here you can also see the " Share search with other users " checkbox. This allows you to choose whether to share this search with other Custobar users or only have it visible for yourself.

Create search fields

After you have given your search the name, you can move forward to the parameter part. Here the idea is to choose what the search should include, and when clicking on the dropdown button below you will get a list of all the possible parameters that can be used in Custobar:

Search parametres

In this example I will make a search that could be used to target leads / customers who has joined within x days but have not bought anything. So I proceed by selecting date_joined & sales_count as my parameters :

Search example

As you can see the search cannot yet be saved, because as also described above in the parameters section, the parameters can be both editable or pre-defined. I will show the difference below.

Pre-defined and NOT editable in the audience picker (sales count is 0 and customer has joined 30days ago):

Not editable search example

Search with editable fields that CAN be changed in the audience picker (Here the values can be made editable by using {key} parameters, and for the date_joined we will add {from}..{to} which allows us to look for customers with date_joined between two time periods)

Editable search example

When using editable fields, you still have to give them some default values, this will appear below the parameters when adding the {key} values. In this case we will look for customers with no purchases who has joined between 3 months - 1 month ago.

Editable search with default values

2. How to be sure that the search is correct

When creating different searches and playing around with the new feature, you might bump into that the field goes red when you try to add values to it.

For ex. when trying to put from-to in the key values you can see that Custobar now explains why it doesn't work

Search blocks error

Same goes when adding default values, if the value is incorrect, the field will go red.

3. How to edit my search when creating a campaign

When creating the campaign you can then simply search for the search you saved and click it :


You will then have the chance to edit the values right here before adding it :

Search block values

Or then still after you have chosen to add the search you can edit it by clicking on the parameters :


Then from here forward you can go ahead and create the action for this audience or add more segments to the audience.

Please note: It is important to understand the logic behind combining search blocks VS combining fields in the same block.

Combining blocks

This search will give you "all customers who have had a mail open event at any time AND customers who have had any type of event on 11.12.2019"

Combining fields

Using a search block combining both those fields, however, will search for "all customers who have had a mail open event on 11.12.2019" As you can see, this is a more precise search and the results are narrowed down.

Please note: When updating the parameters of an existing search block, you have to remember to make sure to update the audiences using said block. To do so, delete the old version of the block from your audience, and add the block again to use the new parameters instead.