Welcome journey for new customers

In this Flow use case, we explain how you can set up a welcome journey for new subscribers and how to use coupon codes in the automated messages.

First we select the trigger for the path of the Flow. In this case the path is triggered by an event, since the subscribe information comes into Custobar with the MAIL_SUBSCRIBE event:

Received an event

Then,click on the event node to change its name and settings:

Node name

Then click on “Edit” to define which event works as the trigger:

Edit node

We look for the event in the menu we wish to use and, select it:

Edit filter

In this case, we want to specify that in order for the customer to enter the path, they have to subscribe to a specific mailing list called “b2c”. This can be done by first clicking “Add” and then choosing which node in the path to look from. In this case, it is the subscribe node. There we choose the mailing_list value and, define that it has to be “b2c” for the customer to join the path:

Add filter

Value added to filter

To define the time window for the event MAIL_SUBSCRIBE click “Add”, choose the subscribed event, then look for the date event and select “greater or equal to” from the dropdown. This means that we do not trigger the path for old events:

Define filter

To look for events that come in now or have been sent to Custobar 1 day ago write “now-1d” in the date field. This range considers some delay on the event sending.

Define filter date

The first node is edited. Click “OK”. We can now select the next node for the path, which in this case will be “Create an event”. This event will be the trigger for the actual email sending in Custobar:

Create an event

Connect the first two nodes by dragging a connector from the “Trigger event” to the “Create an event” node:

Connect two nodes

Then click on the “Create event” node to specify the name for the node:

Name node

Click on “Edit” to define a type (name) for the event that will work as a trigger for the email sending. NOTE!! In the email you need to use our coupon codes with the --code-- placeholder for this to work, check our guide on coupon codes.

Edit fields

Click “OK” and select the next node. In this exact case the next node is “Received an event”. We want to wait until the customer gets the AUTOMATED_CAMPAIGN event, which they receive once the first welcome mail is sent out from the WELCOME_FLOW_1 trigger on the path.

Connect the “First welcome mail” to the “Received an event” node we just added :

Connect welcome node

Name it clearly and click on “Edit”:

Edit latest node

Now we can set this node to wait for the AUTOMATED_CAMPAIGN event for a specified time, for example 3 hours to find the events. Then select the AUTOMATED_CAMPAIGN event on “Match event types” field and then click “OK”.

Edit filter to wait

Now that we have the base layed out for this Flow path, we can start fine-tuning it for the next steps. We could add a “Delay” node to specify when the next email could go out, OR we can split the path and personalize it for customers who made a purchase from the first welcome email, and chose a different approach for customers who have not purchased from the same campaign.

In this example, we will use a sale as a filter and redirect the ones who made a purchase onto their own path.

This can be done with the “Received a sale” node and, connecting it with the “Wait for Automated campaign event” node:

Connect to received a sale node

Name the node clearly and click on “Edit” to define the settings for this node.
In this version, we will wait for 4 days for the customer to make a purchase and then direct them on their own path.

Wait for sale

After this, we add two “Create an event” nodes and drag a connector from the purchase check to each of them:

Two event nodes

Now, if a customer makes a purchase, they move to the path with a shopping basket icon, and if they do not make a purchase they move to the one with the prohibitory icon.

First, rename the nodes. Then, type in the names for the events that trigger the second email sending.

Rename nodes

Edit welcome fields

In the reminder event for the customers that did not purchase, we include the same code that the customer got in the initial welcome email. To do this, click on “Add” and select the coupon code from the previous automated campaign event to fetch the same code:

Edit coupon code

Then look for the coupon code from the automated campaign event and select it into the event.

Choose data

Now we are sending a reminder for the customers who joined and have not yet purchased with their discount code. We include the same exact code that the customer got in the first welcome email to the second email. The customers that made a purchase we mark as converted customers and direct them to a goal node.

You could also continue the path for the customers who made a purchase and send an informative email for example regarding your products or services as a next step.

In this path we mark the reminded customers as “Reminded” with a goal node.

Once we have set the goal nodes we can define which branch the customer moves to if a sale comes in from “Set as match branch:

Set as match

Once we have created the path we can create the automations and use the triggers we set in the nodes (WELCOME_FLOW_1 and WELCOME_FLOW_REMINDER).

Finished flow