What are the different Custobar user roles?

Are you managing the users of your Custobar environment? There are five different user roles with varying levels of access.


Administrators have access to everything within your Custobar environment.


Managers have access to everything except settings and user management.

Settings include features such as setting up integrations with eCommerce platforms or other data sources, email template features and product recommendation filters. So, managers do not have access to these features.

Store manager

Store managers have access to everything except settings, user management and Flow. They also do not have the right to activate campaigns.

Store account

A store account is a store specific account. After a user has logged in to the store account, store personnel can log in with a pin code to the in-store view. This account is used only when the pin code authorization feature is on.


Salespersons can access the in-store user interface only, where they can search and create customers into Custobar. Salespersons can view the Customer 360° view, which contains customer details and a timeline of their actions, such as sales and events.

After a Store account has logged in, a salesperson can sign in with a pin code if you have turned on the pin code authentication feature. Otherwise, salespersons sign in with email and password or authentications such as Google auth or Microsoft Azure auth.