What data is imported from Erply ERP into Custobar?

Do you need to know in more detail what data is imported from Erply ERP into Custobar when you use our integration?

In the following tables you can see which fields are updated to Custobar from the fields available in Erply and how they are mapped.

Customer data fields
Product data fields
Sale data fields
Newsletter subscribers


Customer data fields

Custobar field ERPLY field Notes
external_id customerID  
first_name firstName  
last_name lastName  
email email  
city city  
zip_code postalCode  
street_address street  
country country  

Product data fields

Custobar field ERPLY field Notes
external_id productID  
title name  
description description  
price priceWithVat Original / current price of the product
sale_price priceListPriceWithVat Price when the product is on sale, so the discounted price
brand brandName  
main_product_ids parentProductID Field that links product variants to the main product. ie. the size of a specific shirt
exclude_from_recommendations status If the product is marked as ACTIVE on ERPLYs side, we will allow the product to be recommended using Custobars product recommendations.

Sale data fields

Custobar field ERPLY field Notes
sale_external_id id  
sale_date date Time when the sale happened.
sale_customer_id clientID  
sale_email clientEmail  
sale_street_address address  
sale_total total Total amount of the whole sale.
sale_currency currencyCode  
sale_exchange_rate currencyRate  
sale_rows rows The sale rows inside the transaction. If different products are bought, they will be on their own rows.
- external_id stableRowID The ID for the sale row
- unit_price finalPriceWithVAT Price for the product(s) that was bought.
- discount discount If any discount was given for a product bought, it will be shown here.
- quantity amount  
- total rowTotal The total amount of money that was paid for this row.
- product_id productID  
- quantity amount  
- product_title itemName