What is Custobar’s Shopware 6 integration?

Are you a Shopware 6 merchant or partner looking for a Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform? Synchronise customers, products and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar. The setup takes only some minutes.


  • Easy integration with Shopware 6, just a few clicks and no coding!
  • Synchronize customers, products (including variants) and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar once an hour. Keep all of your data constantly updated.
  • Update marketing permissions - automatic synch of subscribed and unsubscribed newsletter recipients from Shopware 6 to Custobar.
  • Audiences - Create audience segments based on any of your customer data, like purchase data or customers’ interests.
  • Order status updates - Orders and their statuses are updated from Shopware 6 to Custobar once an hour. Create transactional messages to update customers about their order status and more.
  • Products - Drag and drop your products synced from into emails to promote deals and new items.
  • Connect multiple Shopware stores - Use this integration to combine customer, product and sales data in one place from several Shopware stores.
  • You can activate the integration from within Custobar customer data platform (CDP).

Planned features

Please get in touch with support@custobar.com if you’re interested in having these or other features in our future releases of this integration. These are initial plans, so your feedback will make a difference.

  • Real-time data updates.
  • 2-way integration - Synchronise customer data from Custobar to Shopware 6.