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Blogs, webinars, articles and whitepapers… there’s plenty of insights and knowledge we want to share with you.

Webinar recording: What is a CDP. A Comark & Custobar webinar

Webinar recording: What is a CDP. A Comark & Custobar webinar

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP), and what is it not? Why a CDP is the must-have marketing tool for retail/consumer businesses? And what business value does a CDP bring? Watch the Comark and Custobar webinar recording and find out!

White papers
Customer Data Platform White paper

Customer Data Platform White paper

In this Customer Data Platform (CDP) white paper, we’ll explain with concrete examples what the key capabilities of CDPs are, which problems it solves, and why utilizing data is vital for your business.

What's up with Custobar in March 2023?

What's up with Custobar in March 2023?

Custobar now connects with Facebook Conversions API, the RFM matrix looks nicer, email templates work better, and you can become a pro on product recommendations! And, of course, we improved security, too.

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