Treat your customer as if you knew her, because with Custobar you do.

Use the right communication channels, use them right

Send messages through email, direct mail, SMS, online and social media. Understand customers preferences and life-cycle in all interactions.

Fuel the customer's passion, don't bore her to death

Target small segments, create highly relevant messages, and get amazing engagement results - often the Custobar campaigns gives 10-fold sales conversions compared to traditional campaigns. These results come from having the power to communicate the right message to the right person at the right time.

Every move of your customer in one interface

See every individual customer in the light of online data, offline data, marketing data and customer service data.

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The Retailer's opportunity

THE CHINESE WILL WIPE US OUT! This desperate battle cry echoes in Scandinavia again and again. Still, we believe that local retailers have a chance, if not a great opportunity. We dug out our textbooks for a SWOT analysis to describe "The Retailers Opportunity." Here we go!


The retailer's staff knows local culture, local people and local passions.

The retailer has showroom / pick up point / return point.


The retailer has data piling up, but no skills to use it.

The retailer doesn't utilize modern communication channelsint / return point.


The retailer has knowledgeable (and sometimes idle) staff.


The retailer will be overrun by global giants or smarter locals.

Global giants can have 1000s of people in IT and data analytics / return point.

Do or die: Start using data, start using modern communication channels and start capitalizing the potential in your staff.

A person knows the customer better than a machine

While sales automation conquers the world, only Custobar has built a sales tool from staff's point of view. Your staff knows your customer's heart beat. Give your staff actionable customer data and access to modern communication channels. Magic will happen.

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