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Custobar gives you a comprehensive understanding of each of your customers and how they interact with your business - across all the channels they meet you.

We collect all your customer transaction data and make it understandable and actionable.

You can search and segment your customers based on previous sales or any other interaction, and within just a few minutes you can create and deploy multichannel campaigns to extremely targeted segments.

Some of our customers use Custobar as their primary CRM system. And Custobar is so easy to use, even your sales staff can work with it during quiet times in-store.

Your customers are individuals. Treat them that way.

Custobar - Customer search

Customer search

  • Possibility to search customers easily based on customer behavior
  • The KPIs for the customers in the search results update real time
  • Possibility to save searches for campaigns and follow-up
Custobar - Customer detailed views

View to individual customer

  • Key KPIs for the individual customer like life time value
  • Recommendations for the potential products for the customer based on purchase and browsing history
  • All the transactions of the customer in timeline view
Custobar - Campaign Management


  • Easy to use interface for creating and managing campaigns for precise target groups
  • Campaign actions can include mixture of emails, SMS, targeted web site content, webhooks
  • Automatic removal of the users from the target group who have already bought the product
  • Possibility to follow-up the campaign results in real-time
Custobar - Customer Events

Customer events

  • Custobar collects all the customer transactions
  • Possibility to react to customer events with automatic messages or other actions
Custobar - Product Recommendations

Product recommendations

  • Recommendations based on the similarity, purchases and browsing history of the customer base
  • Possibility to create manual recommendations based on product sets
  • Utilize the recommendations through APIs for example on the company web-site.

Rather than cleaning up the store I want all my sales reps to use Custobar on daily basis. They should do small experiments on different customer interactions, see the results real-time and expand the target groups when they get positive results from their experiments. This would be a revolutionary way to do business. They could activate customers to buy in our e-commerce site even after the closing time of the brick and mortars.


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