The marketing platform for e-commerce and omnichannel retail

Improve customer engagement and boost revenue with Custobar, the platform designed to master data from all touchpoints and automate personalised customer experience across channels. 

With customer data to omnichannel success 

Custobar seamlessly integrates data from online and offline sales channels, offering an ideal solution for e-commerce and omnichannel retail businesses aiming to excel in data-driven marketing. Let us help you to become an expert, leveraging customer data and marketing automation to generate revenue.

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What's included in Custobar?

Customer Data

Unlock insights and discover the most profitable customer segments by collecting and combining customer data from any source. 

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Marketing Automation

Streamline tasks, personalise customer interactions, and boost your return on investment with automations designed to work efficiently.

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Improve customer experience by transforming your sales channels into data sources and enhance their functionality through integrations.

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Enhance capabilities with additional features that improve data quality, customer service and personalisation for a positive customer experience.

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What our clients say

More than 300 businesses have chosen Custobar as their marketing platform. These businesses have identified the need to know their customers and realised that the key to successful targeted marketing is the effective use of customer data. 

Read success stories
Read success stories

All benefits at a glance

Gathering data from all touchpoints

Custobar gathers and standardises customer data from online and offline touchpoints, consolidating this information within a single platform. This approach simplifies data accessibility and enhances the ability to understand and engage with customers.

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Identifying customer segments

By utilising insights and analyses, businesses can identify and target the most promising customer segments more effectively. This strategic approach enables the selection of specific groups directly for campaigns, ensuring marketing efforts are more focused and potentially more successful.

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Visualisation of data to uncover insights 

Custobar's data visualisation takes the complexity out of large data sets, converting them into user-friendly charts, graphs, and maps. This innovative approach simplifies data analysis and uncovers hidden insights and trends that might not be immediately obvious. By making data more accessible and understandable, Custobar enables businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data analytics.


Reaching customers across channels

The multichannel capability lets businesses engage customers across various channels, catering to consumer preferences. Customers can be reached through email, SMS, WhatsApp, Google Ads, and Meta ads. By using these channels, companies can reach a wider audience effectively and improve customer experience by offering multiple interaction touchpoints.

multichannel marketing custobar

Tailoring communication to individual needs 

Personalised newsletters and tailored content are an effective way of creating a positive customer experience. By catering to individual preferences and interests, businesses can increase customer loyalty and reach higher levels of customer activation – resulting in more sales and an increase in the customer lifetime value.  

tailored personalised communication


Power guide to e-commerce marketing automation

Marketing automation cost-efficiently increases online sales, engages customers, and reduces churn.

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Laura Ek is Custobar's new CEO

After Tatu Kuivalahti has led Custobar successfully for a decade, Laura Ek is taking over the CEO role at Custobar

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The latest product updates

We're pleased to announce several significant updates to the Custobar platform.

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Unleashing the potential of customer data in omnichannel retail

In today's retail landscape, success hinges on understanding your customer. With digital channels expanding rapidly, every customer becomes a complex data puzzle, and using incomplete data leads to incomplete results. 

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