Reveal and reach the customer behind the data

Custobar is the premier customer data and marketing automation platform that combines online and offline data into a single, actionable customer 360° view.

Bring your app to life with push messages or send emails and smses to all your customers based on their relationship and experience with you.

You dreamt of a perfect CDP. We created it.

Software as a self-service or extended set of tools - you decide!

Our scalable software is perfect for big enterprises, smaller consumer businesses, and startups. All features are accessible to all users. Choose how you want to get to know us and the opportunities the Custobar CDP & marketing automation system can offer for your company. Available in English, German, French, Dutch and Finnish.

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You will be in good company

SeaSea turns to Custobar in gaining a more detailed and impactful view of customer data

SeaSea recently turned to Custobar to help fill a large gap between the business and its growing customer base. Since their partnership began, Custobar and SeaSea have worked together to provide the immediate and longer-term development needs of SeaSea and their customers

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Marketing automation and customer segmentation were Halti’s reasons for the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Targeted campaigns and marketing automation have been invaluable for Halti’s ecommerce business. Choosing the right Customer Data Platform (CDP) has been invaluable for their targeted campaigns and marketing automation

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A Customer Data Platform is key to effective sports & events marketing

Hockey Club Porin Ässät knows that to be successful in sports marketing, there are more things to master than just sports.

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Latest blog

What is Marketing Automation and how does it benefit your business?

Are you considering getting a Marketing Automation system for your company? Or, do you already have a system in place but are looking for ways to strategise it for creating customer engagement and increasing your ROI? We pretty much said everything and anything there is to say about the matter.

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Webinar recording: Shopware Lunch & Learn

In the webinar, you’ll learn about using customer data in marketing and get to know Shopware partner Custobar, the omnichannel marketing automation and customer data platform (CDP).

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Latest whitepaper

Customer Data Platform White paper

In this Customer Data Platform (CDP) white paper, we’ll explain with concrete examples what the key capabilities of CDPs are, which problems it solves, and why utilizing data is vital for your business.

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