18 brilliant SMS marketing ideas to copy

June 8, 2021 Marketing & Sales

18 brilliant SMS marketing ideas to copy

Compliment your marketing strategy with SMS marketing. Email marketing holds on, but not for all customers. Copy our best and proven SMS marketing ideas to execute brilliant SMS marketing campaigns.

Download and cherish text message ideas

Serve your customers better and increase the bottom line.

  • 18 tried and tested SMS ideas from real marketing campaigns
  • Data-driven text message examples for consumer companies
  • Compiled by customer data and data-based marketing pros
  • Queries, transactional SMS, automated marketing SMS and marketing SMS campaign ideas

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18 brilliant SMS marketing ideas to copy

Target your SMS marketing campaigns with data

Mass texting is a no-no. SMS is one of the most cost-efficient marketing channels to reach your customers when used in the right way. You can use text message marketing, for example, for flash sales, abandoned cart messages or appointment reminders. Download the 2-pager SMS marketing ideas list to keep and copy!

What's the correct way to send texts? People carry their mobile phones with them all the time. It means that an SMS campaign will always be seen, and you should only send relevant text messages.

A post on social media can be quickly passed by, but that is not the case for an SMS. You don't want to make your customers regret giving you their phone number; you want them to connect with you.

The right message at the right time is the best kind of customer service. Aren't people reading your emails anymore? Are you about to lose your most valuable customer? Try SMS! With a CDP and marketing automation platform you can easily dig into customer data like that.