3 ways to boost your sales on Black Friday using Custobar

October 26, 2022 Custobar news

3 ways to boost your sales on Black Friday using Custobar

Black Friday is for eCommerce the biggest sales spike of the year in consumer businesses. It’s also the best time to get new customers in retail in general. There are good deals available, so customers are more likely to “risk it” with new companies, products, and brands. We collected three tips with which to get the maximum ROI of your Black Friday marketing budget, if your company has Custobar in place. And if not, feel free to exploit these tricks anyway.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These methods can boost your sales on any holiday, or just all year long.

1. Strengthen customer engagement with SMS marketing

Have you ever tried an SMS campaign? They are a great way to communicate with your customers who are already spending more than enough time on their mobile devices. Maybe the high interaction with smartphones counts for the fact that marketing-related text messages have an open rate of about 99%. Compare that to the average email open rates of around 30%! No contest, right?

Make sure that your customers are receiving personalised and targeted marketing messages on products and brands they can get excited about for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With a good SMS campaign, you can reach customers that are reluctant to open your emails or don’t browse your website/webstore too often. Surprise them with messages they haven’t gotten from you before or they haven’t gotten from you in awhile thus expanding both of your horizons.

Don’t have a solid idea for an SMS campaign yet? No worries, we’ve got 18 brilliant SMS marketing ideas for you to copy. Give the first one a try today and see if you can top the remarkable results our clients managed to get with SMS marketing.

2. Don’t overpay Facebook or Google for ads that are not even all that targeted

Since GDPR and the loss of third-party cookies, marketers need their own data for targeting personalised marketing messages. At least if they want to ensure cost-efficiency with maximum results.

In practice that means that we have entered the era of 1st party data, which Custobar, for instance, uses.

If you want to be on top of the parameters with which to target Facebook and Google ads, you need to have identified customer data that you have collected from your own channels at your disposal. Being in control of your (own) customer data gives you a competitive advantage like no other. Among many Custobar add-ons there are features with which you can create custom audiences for Facebook and Google customer matches.

For companies in Finland there is even a way to reach the vast numbers that use Sanoma Media Finland’s wide media and channel selections. Since Sanoma Media Finland is the country’s leading media house, there are great targeting opportunities in their channels. Ones that those of our clients who use Sanoma Custom Audiences absolutely rave about.

The best part? You never retarget a customer who already made a purchase from your webstore or physical location ever again. Trust us, your customers do thank you for that. To find out more, take a look at How to utilise customer data when targeting Facebook Ads or What is Google Customer Match and how does it work with Custobar?

3. Create an Abandoned Cart email automation (if you don’t already have one)!

If your customers leave your store with items in their shopping carts they never check out, you are missing out on sales. Reportedly, cart abandonments equals the loss of 18 billion in sales revenue for ecommerce businesses every year.

Abandoned cart email automations are great for reaching out for the shoppers who left their cart, for reminding them of their almost-purchase, and for linking them back to their cart. In fact, Custobar users who use abandoned cart email automations to increase their sales have a conversion rate up to 40 percent! With Black Friday offers, we expect the conversion rate to be even higher.

Read our blog to learn more about creating Abandoned cart emails. Whilst you are doing it you will find out how Finnish Design Shop uses the automation in Custobar. You might also find helpful our Automated campaigns guide that will walk you through automating email and SMS campaigns.

And finally, here is a bonus tip which just might be the most valuable of all: Your Black Friday marketing efforts should not end with Cyber Monday. Our statistics show that up to 80% of first-time shoppers do their buy during the Black Friday sales. And then they vanish. Don’t let that happen to you, since it would be a waste of your Black Friday marketing budget and efforts. However, how to turn the one-timers into your regular customers is a topic for another article, so keep an eye out in a month or so!