Boost customer engagement with hyper-targeted campaigns

Boost customer engagement with hyper-targeted campaigns

At Custobar, we tend to hype again and again the importance of targeted messages, the right content to the right recipients… You might have heard it time and time again. But have you actually tried it yet? It’s easier than you might think!

Let’s take a look at a super basic model which you could take into use today. Try it yourself and see what it brings!

For those who don’t have time, here is the tl;dr with some key elements:

  • <100 recipients, let’s say based on that one item you need to clear from inventory asap!
  • We need to select the chosen few, so why not pick the best?
  • Always remember to filter out passives.
  • Why not repeat with the next group? Choose another item or category and scale up with automation!

And here's the more detailed version:

Let’s segment the customers who browsed our product at least twice in the last month.

To further reduce the target, restrict the audience to those who spent 100€ or more in their lifetime.

As with any campaign in Custobar, please remember to filter out customers who have been passive. In the following step, exclude anyone who has been passive for 6 months or more using the “last_active_date field”.

And that’s it, the segment is ready! Now you have an audience of less than a hundred customers who will surely be interested in this Blazer. I can’t guarantee that they will buy it, but the likelihood is much higher than the average newsletter recipient, and the campaign is so small in volume you won’t break the bank. And from the recipient side of things, they might feel like you understand their tastes just a little bit better!

What’s more, this does not need to be a single-time campaign. If this kind of message makes sense, you could easily set this as an automated email campaign, meaning the message will fire each time a customer fits the criteria.

Email is not the right channel? Take it one step further and create tailored SMS campaigns to highlight great deals to the select few, or nudge that one customer who hesitates to hit the “add to cart” button.