Custobar announces Gold Technology Partnership with Shopware

June 15, 2023 Custobar news Shopware

Custobar announces Gold Technology Partnership with Shopware

Shopware, the leading ecommerce platform, and Custobar, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation system, are delighted to announce that Custobar is now a Gold Partner, and the first Gold tech partner in both Finland and the Nordics, with Shopware. This marks a new era in the Shopware and Custobar partnership.

As a technology partner, Custobar provides a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation for Shopware 6, which brings several benefits for Shopware owners. Custobar is made for the omnichannel commerce, it gathers all possible customer touchpoints and enables personalised, data-driven marketing:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Retailers can deliver seamless and personalised experiences across channels (such as email, SMS, ads channels, direct mailings, or mobile apps), fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. Data-Driven Marketing: The combined capabilities of Shopware and Custobar enable businesses to leverage actionable insights, targeting the right audience with highly relevant marketing campaigns.
  3. Advanced Segmentation and Automation: Retailers can create dynamic customer segments based on customer and behavioural data, allowing them to automate personalised marketing efforts and drive conversions.
  4. Improved Conversion Rates: With a deeper understanding of their customers, retailers can optimise their online stores and marketing strategies to drive higher conversion rates and sales.

“Today’s ecommerce world is evolving quickly and constantly, meaning there is often limited time to accomplish all the work that must be done. Streamlining processes, cutting costs, and creating a personalised brand identity through marketing automation is important for merchants to achieve more efficiency. This is why our partnership with Custobar is so important,” said Stefan Hamann, Co-CEO of Shopware.

Tatu Kuivalahti, CEO of Custobar, added, “We are excited to be a Technology Gold Partner of Shopware. By combining our expertise in customer data with Shopware’s robust ecommerce platform, we can enable retailers to elevate their marketing efforts and drive business growth. Together, we will empower businesses to create meaningful connections with their customers throughout their entire customer journeys.”

About Shopware

Shopware, founded in Schöppingen in 2000, offers a holistic omnichannel digital commerce platform for sophisticated mid-market and lower enterprise merchants, with high flexibility and various options for B2C, D2C, B2B, as well as service-based use cases. Shopware is well-positioned and one of the market leaders in its segment, especially in the DACH region, with a fast-growing business in North America.

The solution is headless, API-first, and uses an open source architecture, allowing merchants to individually customise and scale the product offering, creating a strong customer experience. Furthermore, Shopware relies on a global network of 1,600 sales, technology and solution partners, securing a stable ecosystem. Shopware merchants currently process a combined GMV of more than 20 billion USD across the global Shopware platform.

About Custobar

Custobar is a European and fully GDPR compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation platform. It enables segmenting and targeting customers with the most relevant personalised messages in just the right channels. Custobar gathers all possible customer touchpoints and crunches the collected data into new views to help make personalised, data-driven marketing efforts.

For more information, please contact:

Wiljo Krechting, +492555928850, PR for Shopware

Satu Saarteinen,, Partner lead at Custobar