Enhanced Product Recommendations feature: Simplifying implementation and improving outcomes

September 1, 2023 Custobar news

Enhanced Product Recommendations feature: Simplifying implementation and improving outcomes

We recognised early on that Custobar's ability to gather purchase data from both offline and online channels (not just limited to e-commerce) gave us a unique advantage in providing product recommendations to our clients. We initially created product recommendations based on this foundation and in response to our clients' needs. And now, we are further enhancing and improving them.

With the upcoming relaunch, we are set to improve the experience for Custobar users who use (or want to use) personalised or generic product recommendations in their email campaigns or automations, aiming to generate more sales. The enhanced feature strongly emphasises stability, reliability, and simplicity, aiming to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Easily incorporate Product Recommendations into your workflow

One notable enhancement is the streamlining of implementation for our clients. We have taken care of all technical complexities, transforming the feature into a hassle-free "turnkey" solution. Our clients can effortlessly activate the feature, seamlessly integrating it into their platform. Rigorous testing and verification processes have been conducted to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Recommend top sold or browsed products, or show personal recommendations

Upon enabling the updated feature, users have the flexibility to choose between generic recommendations based on the most popular products or personalise the recommendations to align with their clients’ specific needs and preferences. These recommendations can be easily incorporated into marketing campaigns, further simplifying the process.

Insights into Product Recommendations performance

Additionally, we are introducing a new reporting feature that provides valuable insights into the performance of product recommendations within campaigns. This data-driven approach empowers clients to make informed decisions and optimise their marketing strategies effectively.

"You spoke, and we heard you. This relaunch was shaped with all your feedback in mind, and I hope it will demonstrate our strong commitment to valuing your input both now and in the future." Chadi Khalil, Product Owner

While the enhanced product recommendations feature will be accessible to all users, access to its full functionality will require a subscription fee starting from 75 Euros/month.

The launch date has yet to be set, but we are actively working on bringing the enhanced feature to our clients as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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