February product updates

March 19, 2024 Custobar news

February product updates

It's mid-March, and we're pleased to announce several significant updates to the Custobar platform. From easing how you segment your audience with our new clickable customer search feature to eliminating automation blind spots on customer timelines, we have designed each update with your needs in mind. In future signals, we're unveiling a game-changing feature for Meta advertisers and the new performance dashboard to increase your understanding of your customer database!

Most exciting enhancements of the month

These two exciting feature updates are already available in your Custobar environment. Segmenting and seeing through your customer's eyes just got much more accessible.

We're pleased to announce a meaningful enhancement to the usability of Custobar's segmentation tool! With our latest update, you can now directly click on graphs and lists in the Customers view to instantly create targeted audiences from your contacts.

See how it works for yourself:

We have designed this update to make audience creation using your primary customer data more seamless and efficient. Once you have the basics in place, you can dig deeper into the customer (including custom!) data using the search bar, just like before. Experience the future of clickable customer segmentation now and head to the Customers view in Custobar!

Say goodbye to automation blind spots on customers' timelines!

The timeline in Custobar's Customer 360° view has become even better. Now, you can view the exact content of any email automation a customer of yours received, as the content in email automations tends to change per customer.

This valuable addition benefits Custobar users in retail stores and customer service. Simply clicking the "View message" button will display a pop-up window, offering a preview of the message.

Example of an email automation on a customer's timeline:

Pop-up window shows exactly what your customer saw:

The "View message" button is shown for email automations only. If you'd like to view the content of regular campaign actions, click on the campaign title on the timeline, as before.

Little tweaks making a big splash!

This month's little tweaks are related to two giants: Google and ensuring customers are predisposed to only the best, consented marketing.

Google's new version of Consent Mode requires that you collect consent for using personal data from end users based in the EEA and share consent signals with Google to continue using Google's measurement, ad personalisation, and remarketing features. The Consent Move V2 came into effect on 6 March 2024.

There is no way around this change for those who wish to continue collecting data via Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Consent Mode V2 and Custobar's Google Customer Match integration

With Custobar's first update regarding Consent Mode V2, Custobar ensures the continuous transmission of consent alongside the audience to Google Ads. Like before, you must ensure you have marketing consent obtained from all contacts in your audiences before utilising them in Google Ads. Custobar's Google Customer Match integration guarantees that your marketing endeavours conform to new regulations while upholding the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. We are also working to unify and clarify handling marketing permissions in Custobar when creating new campaign actions, be it email, SMS or advertising!

Another bulk sending improvement: recipient’s email address

We've made one more small improvement to Custobar's email templates to better align with Google's recent email sender guideline changes. Now, templates created with the template designer have a placeholder for the recipient's email address:

Similarly, this same "--email–" placeholder can be used in custom email modules to show the recipient's email address automatically.

Signals from the future

In this month's future signals, we're ecstatic to unveil significant advancements within Custobar - the launch of our new performance dashboard and a game-changer update of our Meta Conversions API integration.

Unveiling the game-changer for omnichannel retailers

For too long, marketers have grappled with a considerable blind spot in their advertising strategies – offline sales (sales from physical stores). Until now, the Meta platform's ad optimisation algorithms were primarily influenced by online consumer behaviours, overlooking a substantial portion of the retail ecosystem. But Custobar's pioneering integration is about to redefine the advertising narrative by seamlessly syncing both online and, as a new feature, offline sales data with Meta, providing a comprehensive view of a customer's purchasing habits when advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We're proud to announce that the pilot of our improved Meta Conversions API integration is ongoing and we’ll let you know as soon as the update is available for all!

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Holistic ad optimisation on Meta, including online and offline (sales from physical stores) purchase data
  • Automated audiences for pinpoint targeting and re-engagement
  • Enhanced customer experiences through more relevant ad content

Discover how you’ve grown with Custobar’s new performance dashboard!

This spring, Custobar’s new monthly performance report will reveal the growth of your contacts database, how active or passive your contacts are, what’s happening with your orders and what your data quality looks like.

Performance dashboard helps you to understand where to concentrate your efforts: new customer acquisition, order process, active customer base, activation of passive customers or data quality.

At the beginning, the first admin users of each Custobar environment will receive an email notification (like the one below) when their monthly performance reports have been generated. The extended reports will be available for all admins, managers and store managers on the performance dashboard in Custobar.

We are here for you

In addition to these featured updates, numerous minor improvements and bug fixes have been implemented across the system, making your interaction with Custobar smoother and more intuitive.

As always, if you need assistance using Custobar or encounter any issues, our customer support team at is ready to assist. We're also happy to hear about how you think Custobar should develop! Together, we are setting new benchmarks in customer engagement and marketing efficiency.