Kekäle only sends their print catalogues to the right customers

Kekäle only sends their print catalogues to the right customers

Finnish fashion and clothing chain Kekäle has specialised in selling clothes from the world's leading brands since 1957. The company works with a number of established high-quality brands, and focuses on giving every customer a personalised service. While this was previously only possible face to face, more recently they have set a target of providing just as personal a shopping experience in every channel.

Targeted print catalogue

Kekäle is one of our most advanced multi-channel retailers. This customers case shows why and how they are sending printed catalogues instead of relying exclusively on digital advertising.

"With a 20 % smaller target audience we made 20 % more sales"

A quality printed catalog isn’t a new trend in fashion retail, but it is:

  • Expensive
  • Not always desirable for internet-savvy customers
  • Difficult to measure, in terms of effectiveness, compared to online campaigns

Know your customers

Kekäle is using Custobar as their Customer Data Platform (CDP). All of their customer data (online and offline) is updated to Custobar in real time. With the system’s drag-and-drop segmentation they can create a suitable audience for each new print catalogue.

In this case, Kekäle wanted to send a targeted printed catalogue campaign only to inactive online customers whom they cannot reach with emails.

The audience were selected a little like this:


  • Has made a purchase within 2 years
  • Permission to send physical mail


  • Recently bought something
  • Only online purchases
  • Recently opened or clicked an email

A new approach to insights - see results in Custobar

It is common to focus only on online customers, since it’s easy to follow click streams, but for a multi-channel retailer it’s simply not enough. A result from a printed catalogue campaign based on online and offline data can reveal a much wider view of your customers’ behaviour.

By actively generating insights via campaigns, Kekäle knows how and when to reach their potential customers. Based on Custobar’s metrics, they can also see exactly how well the campaign went:

Actual sales conversions

Sales conversion is calculated for the target audience during the campaign.

Sales by stores including online-offline balance

98,9 % of sales comes from offline sales like planned.

Products sold within campaign

  • Name
  • Count
  • Revenue
  • Discount

Building the right customer relationships is essential for any retailer. By knowing their own customers, Kekäle is able to increase trust and loyalty, and – naturally – generate more sales.

Hats off to Kekäle.

"Before Custobar we didn’t have a proper and easy-to-use system for understanding how our loyal customers were behaving in our various channels. For us, choosing Custobar was motivated by being able to use all possible customer data from all the different sources.

Since we started using Custobar we have reached totally new levels for our segmentation and we have been able to deepen our marketing strategy."

Read more how Kekäle treats every customer as an individual with Custobar.