October product updates

November 8, 2023 Custobar news

October product updates

Here you go - our latest product updates for October 2023. Our dedicated teams have been working their bums off to enhance your experience with Custobar. Discover how Custobarians turn lemons into an integration, and get ready to be amazed!

Most exciting enhancements of the month

Discover further details about the highlighted updates through our comprehensive blog articles.

New ERP integration: Lemonsoft

Custobar now integrates with Lemonsoft ERP, a Finnish enterprise resource planning software. Bring over your customer, product, and sales data from Lemonsoft to Custobar with our new integration feature.

Compatible with Magento 2.4.6

Great news! Custobar's Magento integration is now compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.6 version. To ensure optimal performance and support, we have dropped compatibility with versions older than Magento 2.4.4, as Magento no longer supports them. To take advantage of these changes, make sure to update to the new version of the Magento plugin. Experience improved functionality and seamless integration with Custobar's Magento integration.

Little tweaks making a big splash!

The following updates bring significant improvements that are anything but small. We carefully considered which ones to feature above, but perhaps we could have included them all 🤔 Regardless, let's dive in and explore even more exciting enhancements!

Refreshed campaign graphs

We updated Custobar’s campaign statistics graphs to give you more information at a glance. You can now see the Sales tracking period as it was configured for each campaign action, and the graph uses two axis so the open and clicks measured in thousands do not dwarf the unsubscribes or spam reports, usually measured in single digits.

On the left side, you will find metrics for opens, clicks, and browses:

And on the right side, metrics for sales, unsubscribes, and spam reports:

Top-sold and browsed products are now shown in the email editor

Here's a nice and valuable improvement to the email editor. Now, you can directly view your top-sold and browsed products from the past seven days within the email editor interface itself. You can effortlessly drag your top-performing products and drop them into your email campaign or automation layout. This means tailoring your emails to highlight popular products has never been easier.

Unveiling a new abandoned basket email module

Discover our new module for abandoned basket email automations, ready for customisation in all Custobar environments! Located under Settings -> Content Templates -> Transactional Modules, the module showcases products from the latest BASKET_ADD event. Here’s how to take the new module into use, and also check out our updated BASKET_ADD events guide.

We are here for you

We are fully dedicated to the continuous improvement of Custobar. Your valuable feedback is the driving force behind our progress, and we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional value through our passion for this product. Stay tuned for exciting updates, and feel free to reach out to us at with any thoughts, whether positive or constructive. We are wishing you the very best, Product Owners Chadi and Marika and the entire Custobar team.