Out now! Find Custobar in Shopware 6 store

June 1, 2022 Custobar news Shopware

Out now! Find Custobar in Shopware 6 store

Shopware 6 open commerce platform can now be integrated into Custobar!

Integrating Custobar CDP to your Shopware 6 store enables you to create seamless omnichannel customer experiences and make data-driven marketing campaigns.

Why are we hyped about this?

🇩🇪 Shopware is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in Germany.

🥇 We are the first Customer Data Platform that can be integrated to Shopware 6 with only a few clicks. No coding needed!

✅ Custobar X Shopware integration ensures GDPR-proof data handling.

🤝 Book a demo with us to hear more about the benefits of integrating your Shopware ecommerce with Custobar, or start a free 30-day trial now!

➡️ You can find the Custobar for Shopware 6 extension from the Shopware Store!

To learn more about the Custobar and Shopware 6 integration and its benefits, head to our Shopware 6 integration page.

In the user guides, you'll find the instructions on how to connect your Shopware 6 store to Custobar.