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Sanoma Media Finland and Custobar ease the use of customer data in digital marketing

The leading Finnish multi-channel media company Sanoma Media Finland and Custobar are the first ones in Finland to take targeted digital marketing into global levels.

Moving forward, audiences can be transferred from the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) directly into Sanoma Custom Audiences. Marketers will be able to easily create audiences based on their customer data, and then target these audiences across Sanoma Media Finland’s network of display and video advertising. Audience analytics from Sanoma can be also used for customer insights which will in turn enrich customer data in Custobar.

Finnish brands have been looking for competitive local alternatives for international solutions and systems for quite some time. Sanoma Media Finland has been invested in product development by reinforcing their international competitiveness. Partnering with Custobar is the next step on this transformational journey.

“Custobar has reached market leadership as the Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform for consumer businesses. We are very pleased to be a part of this groundbreaking collaboration with the biggest media house in Finland. Data-driven B2C marketing has been dominated by American digital media technologies for far too long. It’s important to me that marketers have access to domestic solutions that are on the same level as their international counterparts”, says Custobar CEO Tatu Kuivalahti.

“Compared to social media marketing, customer data from retail and ecommerce has been grossly underutilised in display and video marketing. We are truly proud to be pioneers and trendsetters with Custobar in changing this even on a global scale”, says Jaakko Kuivalainen, B2B Business Digital Director at Sanoma Media Finland.

Sanoma Media Finland’s websites receive almost 260,000,000 pageviews every week. Each page view accumulates unique first-party data. Data is collected from Sanoma’s own channels, reliable websites, that are the most popular in Finland. Customer data collection is done with customer consent and with using the best data protection practices in the industry. Marketers can utilize their own data to grow their business in Sanoma’s network efficiently and securely.

“Death of third-party cookies has been a hot topic all year. During summer Google announced that they will be delaying the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome because alternative solutions weren’t ready. However, Sanoma Custom Audiences can be taken into use immediately. I cannot think of any reason to wait for future changes. It makes sense to put better solutions into operation the moment they are available”, Kuivalainen says.

To learn more about the integration and how to get it into use, please contact or your Custobar Key Account Manager. Find out more about Sanoma network’s data, targeting and target audiences.