September product updates

November 2, 2023 Custobar news

September product updates

Ready to learn more about Custobar's September updates? Read on and join us on tour about our shiny new features and enhancements. Don't just stay on the surface, jump in the deep end with us!

Most exciting enhancements of the month

Discover further details about the highlighted updates through our comprehensive blog articles.

Enhanced product recommendations

Looking for an effortless way to boost sales? Check out Custobar's updated product recommendations feature! It offers personalised or generic recommendations for email campaigns and automations. It's easier to use, provides more recommendation possibilities, and gives insights into performance!

Updated email template designer

Custobar's improved email template designer lets you create multiple module versions for different purposes. It also offers a clearer preview of the final email template and introduces a new module for seamless integration with your social media channels. Plus, it provides five inspiring email template examples to fuel your creativity!

Seamless integration with WooCommerce

We're excited to announce a significant upgrade to Custobar's integration with WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce platform. The updated plugin enables seamless synchronisation of your WooCommerce data with Custobar, including a wider range of customer and custom data. This opens up opportunities for creating tailored campaigns and automated marketing strategies.

Omnibus price feature for more transparency in sales campaigns

Our new feature enables merchants to display the lowest price point of their discounted products within the past 30 days in their emails and ensures compliance with the EU's Omnibus directive. Read more about the new Omnibus feature.

Little tweaks making a big splash!

Let's not forget the smaller updates! Although they may not be as hefty as our featured improvements, they are just as mighty when it comes to enhancing your experience with Custobar! These updates, while seemingly modest, possess significant power to amplify your results and take your experience to the next level!

Automated email reporting window is now uncapped

Due to technical considerations, we had capped the automated email reporting window to a maximum of three months at a time. We are happy to report we have lifted this restriction, meaning the reporting window is now unlimited. Read more about automated campaigns.

External campaign export lists now have optional headers

When downloading customer data out of Custobar via an external campaign, you now have the option to include the column headers should you want more visibility as to which field is exported in which column.

Calculating averages made easier

We also tweaked the exported files when retrieving the "Compare actions" stats by deleting the space between numbers and percentage signs. This will make calculating averages a lot easier!

We are here for you

As we wrap up our September round-up of new features and enhancements, we'd like to express our gratitude for your continued support and trust in Custobar. It's you, our dedicated users, who spur us on to refine our product and strive for excellence. We hope you're as excited about these updates as we are! Feel free to dive into any of our detailed blog articles for more information, or contact if you have queries or feedback. From Product Owners Chadi, Marika, and the entire Custobar team, here's wishing you a successful, data-driven marketing journey! Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring.