How did our clients manage to get remarkable results with SMS marketing?

How did our clients manage to get remarkable results with SMS marketing?

How big is the return on investment (ROI) you usually get from different marketing channels? Three of our clients revealed the results of their successful text message campaigns.

The majority of consumers (61%) say that the most important way a brand can interact with them is by surprising them with offers or gifts. Discounts and sales reminders are also the main reason why many customers join a loyalty program in the first place and leave brands their contact information. In this blog post, we want to showcase our clients’ SMS marketing campaigns and how they have managed to get outstanding sales results with only one sending.

Text messages? Oldish yes, but also effective as hell

We gotta admit that the good old text messages don’t sound as sexy as social media and Google ads. But that’s precisely why SMS is the lighthouse in the sea of hundreds of notifications, why text messages stand out. It is the communication channel that seldom beeps. If someone sends you an SMS, you read it. Do you always read social media ads? No you don’t.

Case #1 - Using SMS to reach customers who don’t open their emails

An electronic industry company sends out SMS campaigns regularly. The company sent an SMS campaign to 31k customers who hadn’t opened the campaign email and made sales worth over €200,000 from the SMS campaign alone. The campaign conversion rate was over 9% and the campaign sending cost was about 1300€.

Case #2 - Passive customers reactivated with an SMS

An interior design company reached out to their passive customers with an SMS and included a discount code. SMS was a successful way of activating customers who hadn’t been shopping in a while - sales from the SMS campaign totalled nearly €300,000. Campaign sending cost was about €2800.

Case #3 - First go at SMS marketing

A homeware store trialled SMS campaigns in their marketing for the first time. They sent an SMS campaign to those customers who had not already shown interest in purchasing from them or not made a purchase recently. The company targeted about 7000 customers and made sales worth over €10,000 from the one SMS campaign. Campaign cost was about 300€.

How to plan and send an SMS campaign from Custobar in 5 easy steps

  1. Get in touch with to activate the SMS campaign feature. It’s included in your Custobar subscription, no extra charge.
  2. Pick the campaign audience carefully. For example, try reaching out to those customers who haven’t been opening their emails or are passive in their purchasing behaviour. You can win them back.
  3. Craft a message of max. 160 characters and avoid special characters. You can do longer, too, but that will increase the campaign cost.
  4. Include a call-to-action and a link to purchase, ensuring better conversion.
  5. To enable two-way SMS campaigns that your customers can reply to, read more in our two-way SMS user guide and get in touch with This feature is available for Custobar Plus subscribers only.