Three things to know about email unsubscribes in 2024

February 1, 2024 Marketing & Sales Email marketing

Three things to know about email unsubscribes in 2024

In February 2024, Google and others are implementing many new requirements for bulk email senders. Guidelines that have been good practices in sending bulk emails will now be enforced, or else the senders' emails will fail to find their way into the inboxes of significant players like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

1. One-click unsubscribe from email headers

One of the most notable changes in the unsubscribe process is the introduction of one-click unsubscribe from the email headers. Or as Google says: "You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to stop receiving unwanted messages from a particular email sender. It should take one click. So we’re requiring that large senders give Gmail recipients the ability to unsubscribe from commercial email in one click, and that they process unsubscription requests within two days."

One-click unsubscribes are done right if they happen within the email header, and the email recipient doesn't have to jump to another website to finalise the unsubscribe. Emails sent from Custobar are ok for this. Here's an example of how the easy unsubscribing looks like in, for example, Gmail:

  1. The unsubscribe link is automatically visible in the email header.

  1. Once the email recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, a pop-up window opens and asks for confirmation.

  1. Once the subscriber has clicked “Unsubscribe” again, they will see the final confirmation of a successful unsubscribe in the email header.

One-click unsubscribes never contain the reason for unsubscribing because there’s no way to ask it from the email recipient, but here’s how to identify one-click unsubscribes within Custobar.

In the rare case that your company has opted to use custom unsubscribe links instead of the standard ones provided by Custobar, it's up to you to ensure that the one-click unsubscribes work. Please get in touch with for more information.

2. Regular unsubscribe

While one-click unsubscribes are a significant step forward, traditional opt-out methods are still crucial. The regular unsubscribe process, typically initiated via links in the footer of the email, continues to be an ok and best-practice requirement for email marketers.

For email recipients, a visible unsubscribe link in the email footer is a reassurance that they can easily opt out of future communications. This traditional method is a familiar and trusted way for customers to manage their subscriptions without hassle.

Asking for unsubscribe reason from the customer

Understanding why customers want to leave can be as important as the act of unsubscribing itself. Email marketers can gather valuable information that could improve their email content or overall service offering by asking for feedback. If this feature is turned on, you can find your unsubscribed reports in Custobar underneath the Campaigns menu.

3. Email preferences management

Soon, we're excited to introduce a new feature, email preferences management, designed with email subscribers and marketers in mind. With this feature, your customers can effortlessly opt-in or out of various mailing lists from one convenient location. They can easily view and manage which email lists they belong to. For marketers, this feature will help keep the email deliverability rate on a good level and provide valuable insights into your customer's preferences. Offering users an option to switch between lists will become a seamless process. Not all mailing lists must be shown to email subscribers, providing marketers with added flexibility.

In short, the new email preferences management feature will give your customers more control over what emails they receive and marketers more control over what mailing lists they show. We will let you know as soon as this feature is available in Custobar for you to take into use, but here's a small preview:


The changes in the email unsubscribe process are not just about compliance with new regulations. They represent a broader shift towards more user-friendly practices, personalisation, and transparency in email marketing. Custobar's proactive approach to incorporating these changes ensures that marketers and recipients enjoy the benefits of clear communication and streamlined user experiences.

By embracing these changes, Custobar users are clearly steered in the right direction to enhance their email marketing efforts! If you have any questions about these updates, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team at We're here to help ensure your email marketing strategies are successful and compliant.