What's up with Custobar in March 2023?

March 30, 2023 Custobar news

What's up with Custobar in March 2023?

Custobar now connects with Facebook Conversions API, the RFM matrix looks nicer, email templates work better, and you can become a pro on product recommendations! And, of course, we improved security, too.

Custobar x Facebook Conversions API (CAPI)

The Facebook Conversions API directly connects your marketing data and Meta. We created an integration that allows you to use all the customer touch points you have in Custobar, including offline conversions, to optimise your ads and save money in your campaigns.

You can find all the requirements and steps to take the feature into use in our Facebook CAPI guide.

About to update your email templates? Do it better!

An improved version of Custobar’s email template designer is available for those who ask! If you’re about to update your email templates soon, please contact, and we’ll update the designer. All Custobar environments will have the new email template designer available within a few weeks.

The updated template designer creates email templates that are:

  • Better optimised for mobile
  • Optimised for new Outlook versions
  • Improved dark mode optimisation for basic colours and PNG images
  • Scales on all devices
  • Call-To-Action (mini-survey) module to enrich customer data is readily included in templates created with the new email template designer

On the other hand, there’s no rush to edit your templates, as similar optimisations have been made to old templates manually.

Product recommendations guide: Bigger, better, much more information-dense…

You asked for it, and we delivered! Our improved product recommendations guide covers all the basics to get started and much more.

Find out how to configure, fine-tune and use the product recommendations in Custobar messages or on your own site.

RFM matrix colours: We bring you to spring early this year!

The RFM matrix is getting a makeover to bring colour into your life. As before, you can identify and compare the customer groups, cross them with audience filters, and immediately see where the most revenue comes from. Please consider our RFM matrix whitepaper if you want to learn more.

We tightened the security of API access in Custobar at the end of February. We introduced personal, temporary API keys, and scoping API keys for integrations became mandatory. Now it’s your turn to take action and update your API keys!