What's up with Custobar in November 2022?

November 3, 2022 Custobar news

What's up with Custobar in November 2022?

We’ve been saying this all year, but yes, usability is still on our mind in November and one change in particular makes it easier to filter customer search results by relative date alongside exact dates.

Travelling back in time with your customers

Segmenting, one Custobar’s super powers, just got easier to use. If you’ve been editing audiences or creating new ones this week, you might have already noticed that filtering search results by date has changed!

Custobar newbies will benefit from the update the most as they don’t need to learn any gimmicks anymore. And you old ones can just plain stop using the gimmicks you’ve learnt.

Here’s what we’ve done with date selector in the Customers view

  • There used to be up to three different ways to pick a time range when editing audiences in the Customers view. Because why not? Well, we thought maybe not as one way is faster to learn than three, and now there’s just one way left.
  • New users had to learn a certain gimmick if they wanted to create an audience and filter it using a relative date search (e.g. user who bought something within the last month). Gimmicks no more! We added the relative date search right next to the exact date search, simple as that.
  • 1 day ago, 7 days ago and 1 month ago are the most popular relative date searches - and now you can see them in the user interface as quick options alongside the custom relative date option.
  • Would you say “-2m, 1d” or “2 months, 1 day ago”? We thought the latter is, perhaps, slightly clearer and clarified the customer search wording in that manner.

The Self-Help Section

We’ve updated the department of user guides and documentation with new classics and revised versions of old best sellers!

Thanks for making it this far!

Yours truly, Product Owners Marika and Chadi, and the whole team of Custobarians