What is a CDP and why B2C marketers need it in 2022?

What is a CDP and why B2C marketers need it in 2022?

Marketers are facing different data privacy regulations such as blocking of third party cookies and GDPR regulation. At the same time, consumers are increasingly expecting exceptional customer experience both online and offline. How can marketers do data-driven marketing and treat the customers as individuals in a way that respects consumers’ privacy?

Customer Data Platform is the only marketing technology that merges all customer data from all touch points into one and the same customer profile. It enables B2C companies to utilise customer data in marketing without compromising data privacy.

In this Customer Data Platform whitepaper, you will find answers to:

  • What a CDP is and what it does
  • How does a CDP benefit consumer businesses
  • How does a CDP differ from other marketing technologies like CRM, DMP and ERP

Download the whitepaper to learn everything you need to know about CDPs