Audiences and segmenting

Dynamic Audiences and versatile customer segmentation

Customer segmentation, or creating audiences, is where all of the customer data that has been brought into Custobar from all online and offline touchpoints come together. 

Custobar stands out among any marketing technology or marketing automation tools in its customer segmentation (audiences) and customer search. First of all, audiences are dynamic. That means, that when there are changes in customer data, the customer segments or audiences you have created are changed and updated accordingly, automatically.

Secondly, the ability to use all customer touch points means sales data from eCommerce and/or brick-and-mortar stores, browsing data, demographic data, etc., means that any data points can be utilised when creating Audiences. You may find completely new customer segments as well as segments suitable for targeted automations. With Custobar, you can relax about:

  • segmenting customers using their purchase or browsing history, or both!
  • audiences automatically staying up-to-date since they’re dynamic.
  • targeting specific customer groups simultaneously.

Solve challenges of customer segmentation  with Custobar

1. Complexity of customer data 

Customer data is usually difficult in one of two ways: the data is scattered across multiple tools, or data types are so manifold that marketer’s don’t have the time to analyse it all. Custobar provides a solution for both. The first difficulty is solved by having all customer data from all touch points in one tool. The second difficulty is solved by how Custobar treats (edits) customer data into one single unified 360-degree customer view regardless of the data source (survey, social media, customer service interaction, purchase or browsing history…).

2. The segment of all customers 

Including all or most customers into a campaign segment is not segmenting. Still, it happens a lot. Custobar users have shown that amazing results can be reached with relatively tight segmentation criteria and relatively small audiences. Custobar makes any data point relevant to your marketing objectives and strategies usable for segmentation. Our data shows that, on average, targeted campaigns generate 3 times more revenue than general or bulk campaigns. We have other numbers and results for you! If you would like to hear them, contact our sales or book a demo!

3. Changes in customer behaviour

Customer behaviour can change quickly making it hard to keep customer segments up to date. But not with Custobar. The criteria given in audience building will take these changes automatically into account since the segments are dynamic.

4. Overlapping customer segments

Belonging to multiple segments makes it usually difficult to create distinct and actionable customer audiences. But not in Custobar. Multiple audiences can be dragged and dropped in the tool for campaigns and marketing automations, and then separated and/or combined with simple ‘and’, ‘or’, or ‘excluding’ choices. Result? No more overlap and confusion.