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Data in & out (data imports and exports)

Data in & out (data imports and exports)

Data in and out - or data imports and exports - can be a nightmare for both marketers and IT: Marketing cannot access customer data, because it’s only available in external systems. And, an external system cannot access customer data used by marketing, such as marketing permissions, or data used by some other internal company party.

Custobar integrations for both data in and out do not mean big IT projects. All major industry standards methods of importing and exporting data are available. So are data mapping and filtering, as well as rules for transformations.

Furthermore, there are a long list of ready-made integration plugins to different systems to make data flow seamlessly between them.

Overcome challenges of limited data access and integration

Accessing and utilising customer data effectively is crucial for business success. In fact, customer data is today’s marketer’s true competitive advantage. However, we understand that there are challenges when it comes to accessing and integrating your customer data from various sources. This restricted access is hindering your

With Custobar, you can seamlessly integrate your data sources within minutes via real-time APIs. By connecting your CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, and other data sources, Custobar enables you to maintain good data quality and utilise your customer data easily outside of its platform. You gain full control over your customer data and will no longer be held back by data silos.

Let’s get technical

Custobar bridges the gap between disparate systems in several ways:

  • Real-time APIs for both inbound and outbound data integration. That means immediate data synchronisation!
  • Fully documented API for data import.
  • Support for JSON and CSV for data imports and exports in the preferred format of choice.
  • Diverse data transfer methods. Whether you prefer RESTful APIs, webhooks, or other industry-standard protocols, we’ve got you covered.
  • Configurable data targets, with which you can sync data from Custobar to any other system, regardless of its schema type.
  • Trigger data changes easily through our existing API endpoints. Perfect for effortless data control and manipulation.
  • Ready-made integration plugins are handy and time-saving. Seamless data transfers between platforms eliminate the need for tedious manual configurations.

Take a look at how it’s done

Importing data into Custobar

Data import file templates

Data schema configuration

Customer data export for GDPR reasons

API Overview

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