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Magento integration

The Magento 2 integration is the ideal solution for Magento merchants who are looking to maximise the potential of their customer data and take their marketing efforts to the next level. 

Integration features

  • Default data sync: Automatically sends customer information, product details, sales data, and newsletter subscribers into Custobar, ensuring your customer data is always up-to-date and accessible.
  • Compatibility with standard and customised setups: Works with standard Magento setups out of the box and can be configured to match your customised Magento setup. It adapts to your specific business needs.
  • Open source: The Magento integration is open source, giving you the freedom to customise and extend its functionalities according to your requirements.
  • Flexible data mapping: Easily customise the data mapping for the Magento integration to ensure seamless integration with Custobar. Adapt it to match your specific data structure and fields.
  • Drag-and-drop products: Effortlessly include Magento products, including images, descriptions, up-to-date pricing, discounts, and availability, into your marketing messages. Create visually appealing and relevant campaigns.
  • Utilise enriched data: Leverage data collected from third-party apps, such as rewards and loyalty programs, to enrich your customer communication and create more targeted and personalised campaigns.
  • Customer tracking: Our Magento integration offers robust customer tracking capabilities. This feature enables you to track, for example, what products or product categories your customers are browsing and their actions within your online store, such as adding products to the basket. Moreover, the integration has the option to automatically inject the tracking script into Magento, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free setup and implementation process.


  • Accessible and actionable customer data: The Magento integration makes your customer data from Magento easily accessible and allows you to take action based on that data. Gain insights into your customers' behavior and preferences.
  • Personalised and trackable campaigns: Utilise the power of Custobar's marketing automation platform to create personalised and trackable multi-channel campaigns. Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.
  • Combine data from multiple channels: Combine customer and sales data from various channels with your data from Magento, including physical stores and mobile apps, to get a comprehensive view of your customers and their interactions.
  • Enhance marketing strategies: Utilise the enriched data collected from third-party apps to enhance your marketing strategies. Incorporate rewards and loyalty program data to create more targeted and effective campaigns.