Grow your Shopify business with Custobar

Stand out from your competitors with highly relevant marketing and grow your sales. Connect your Shopify store with Custobar to visualize data you never knew existed about your customers and create more prosperous, trackable marketing campaigns via email, SMS, push messages, web banners, Google Ads or direct mail. Bring in customer and sales data from any other channel, for example, physical stores or mobile app, and sync it with your Shopify data in Custobar.

What is Custobar, and why are you offering it to Shopify businesses?

In short, Custobar exists to help you boost your Shopify store’s sales. Custobar does it by giving you a better customer understanding than ever before and enabling you to market in all the essential channels!

Custobar is a customer data and marketing automation platform. It means that with Custobar, you can collect data from your Shopify store (takes a few minutes, just give your store’s API key) as well as any other customer touchpoint like a mobile app or a physical store in one place. Custobar is a smart online service, and it can reveal things about your customers that will help you to improve your sales and marketing. For example, you will see who has browsed a particular category of products recently, who are your best customers, and who you are about to lose. And if you have a physical store, too, you can combine that customer data with all of the data you get from your online shop.