vilkas integration

Vilkas integration

Effective, automated and better engagement with your most precious asset: your customers. Our integration with Vilkas offers you a toolset for understanding your customers and their positioning for your business.

Custobar can elevate your sales and help you retain and activate your customers in different ways at the right time.

Not having to rely on third-party data collection, Vilkas store owners can tap into the endless data collected by Custobar and effectively harness it to create a customer experience suited to their brand and tone. Who bought, what, and when: With Custobar, data is arranged, leveraged, measured, and reported to further enhance your business decisions.


  • Newsletter tool for effective and targeted marketing
  • Customer segmentation can be made based on all customer data from all touch points, which is the key in
  • targeted email marketing

With Custobar, newsletters with solid content are built fast but the true benefit lies in capturing the phase of a customer on their purchasing journey and automatically targeting them with optimised messaging. From discount coupons on their birthday to more targeted newsletter content, Vilkas store owners save time, effort and money with Custobar integration.