Campaign statistics

Know your campaign ROI with crystal clear, multi-channel and store-by-store campaign statistics

Most marketers and business owners don’t have a clear view of what the ROI of their marketing campaigns is. Here are some of the shared issues that are all too common and are already fixed in Custobar.

The problem How Custobar solves it
I want to have a clear view of the ROI of my marketing campaign. More on the Custobar campaign statistics below. At this point, let’s just say that you can see your campaign related sales in actual money, not just other KPI statistics that we are used to.
I want to understand the effectiveness of my personalised campaign. You get clear campaign statistics about how many people bought based on your campaign, where did they do their shopping (online and offline!), and what products or services did they acquire.
I need to know how different audiences have reacted to my campaign.     Take a look at the campaign statistics from the point of view of different audiences (customer segments). Custobar will show you, whether your campaign was more successful with you VIP or with your new customers, or any other customer segment you have created. The statistics will also show other parameters, such as customer segments targeted based on demographic data.
It’s hard to evaluate which campaign sales came from which stores.     As long as the sales are identified (meaning that the customers are identified), Custobar shows all in-store sales. It is then easy to compare physical locations with each other and with the online sales to see where things are going well and where there is room for some optimisation or improvement.
It’s hard to evaluate which eCommerce campaign sales came from which campaign.     Not with Custobar. You can get as detailed as you want without a degree in data analysis.

If you are ready to change gears with the data-driven marketing you are currently doing, and the campaign statistics you are getting, contact our sales or book a demo today.