Email campaigns

Personalise your email campaigns for maximum impact

Despite being thought of as obsolete, email marketing campaigns still drive results like no other. Email campaigns are an important part of any marketing strategy and specially easy to create with Custobar.

To the day, emails are one of the most-relevant channels  to reach out to customers, because they are:

  • a form of direct communication with your customers
  • cost effective
  • wide reaching
  • personal and relevant
  • a targeted way of communicating
  • measurable in their performance

The success of any email marketing campaign depends, of course, on a variety of factors, that include the quality of the email list, the relevance of the content, choosing the audience and the timing right, and having effective call-to-actions. Fortunately, their measurability makes them easy to optimise.

Why Custobar email campaigns outperform other tools

Building email campaigns doesn’t take much time at all

For instance, Scandinavian Outdoor created a cross-selling campaign automation with a discount code in a few minutes. The automation assured people who had just bought a winter coat that they wouldn’t keep warm without a beanie and a pair of gloves. The campaign’s open rate was 47% (30% is considered excellent) with a 10.6% conversion. Monetarily let’s just say that never underestimate the revenue finishing your customer’s style with the right accessories can bring!

No more manual editing of product images

You have a WYSIWYG content editor and email templates. Just drag and drop product images, or have them automatically AI personalised and brought from your website to your customer’s inbox. Edit message content, set colours and fonts, add coupon codes and customise your CTAs. And what’s especially cool that you cannot find elsewhere: you can easily add product stickers or badges to the product images!

Personalisation made easy

With Custobar, you see behind the data. You get every relevant thing about your customer’s browsing and purchase history, their favourite brick-and-mortar locations, and any customer service issue they have ever had. The 360-degree view to the customer tells their social media behaviour, too, and is always up to date. With the RFM matrix and other audience and customer segmentation tools in Custobar you just drag and drop the right “targets” for your campaign. After all, even demographic customer data doesn’t really reveal all that much of a person.

Endless possibilities

One of the most important aspects for effective and engaging marketing campaigns these days - are so wide and varied in Custobar that the point deserves two mentions! The emails you send out can have different blocks of content visible or hidden based on the customer segments (audiences). Product recommendations can be left to our AI to choose, again, based on customer data. It means that what products are recommended to any campaign email recipient can differ based on the customer’s interests and preferences.