Integrate Custobar and other data sources to your BI system with QuickBI

When you want to enrich your Custobar data with other essential business data and at the same time make your reporting more versatile and flexible, QuickBI offers a perfect solution.

QuickBI has over a hundred ready-to-use data source connectors, compatible with all BI softwares and machine learning tools. Integrations can also be built to customised systems.

Export data from Custobar

Take your valuable customer data to your BI system to analyse it more efficiently, or use the QuickBI App as your business intelligence tool. Choose the visualisations you like, modify and filter data the way you want and clean out any unwanted information (e.g. sensitive data) to create exactly the reports you need and find most useful to your business.

You can produce reports for internal use as well as outside the organisation using Custobar data or combined data from two or more sources. With QuickBI integrations you can utilise your enhanced customer data anywhere else you need it for further action.

Arranging and combining data in various ways in your reports will help you to figure out trends, patterns, and other relations, and this way to gain deeper insight for making decisions and taking actions to develop and grow your business.

Import data to Custobar

If you have data in your other systems or applications that you would like to use in Custobar, let QuickBI take care of it. Combining and computing various data can be done in your BI system or the QuickBI App, and the modified and refined data then taken to Custobar.

Using QuickBI, it is easy to make sure the data you import to Custobar is in the right form and includes precisely the information you want. The enhanced data can be used within Custobar to segment your customers, build automations and personalise content for timely and relevant communication and marketing across channels.

Ease and improve your reporting with data warehouse

QuickBI can offer you a data warehouse, a home for all your data from different data sources. By letting QuickBI also host it, you get a carefree solution. Being able to access all the data in one place makes your reporting fast, agile, solid and transparent. QuickBI’s data pipeline and analytics platform is quick to set up, and easy to scale up when your ambition in using data grows.

Consult our BI experts in all reporting issues

QuickBI’s consultants can help you get the most out of your data and your BI tools. You only need to describe your problems or what you want to achieve, we will figure out the solutions. Or you define what kind of reports you need, we formulate and set up the reports for you. Our consultants have broad expertise in all major BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI. We make sure your reports run swiftly and reliably. Once the required reports are set up by QuickBI, they are simple and straightforward to use.

When you are using QuickBI integrations and data warehouse, any further development of your company's internal and external reporting that you might desire is easy and quick to do.

If you are interested to learn how better reporting and utilising data could help your business, you can contact us at