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Sanoma Custom Audiences for smarter, cheaper and more efficient marketing campaigns

Sanoma Custom Audiences

Custobar has a native integration with the Sanoma ad platform. Sanoma is the largest media company in Finland getting 311 million page views, 95% of internet users in Finland, every week. Sanoma Custom Audiences is hence a powerful integration for your Custobar, because it enables large and small target audiences for maximum marketing visibility and impact.

Sanoma Custom Audiences offers another new medium to reach customers whose information you have in customer data platform. Having the integration means that custom audiences can be created in Custobar and pushed to the Sanoma ad platform to:

  • Target your ads to specific customer segments utilising your own 1st party data. Your customer segments might consist of VIP customers, passive customers or customers who don’t open emails or don’t have SMS marketing permissions.
  • Create personalised retargeting campaigns.
  • Exclude your active customers from receiving ads, which saves costs and increases customer engagement when customers who already have your products are not targeted with ads about them.
  • You can create lookalike audiences using Sanoma’s algorithm. That means cost efficient targeting to potential would-be customers instead of showing your ads to all 311 million weekly viewers.
  • Use Sanoma’s analytical tools to get media profiles of those customer segments (audiences) you push to Sanoma from Custobar. That enables you to understand the online and offline consumer behaviour and media usage of the segments using Sanoma analytics services.

Since Sanoma is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company, your ads can appear on newspapers, magazines, tv and radio channels, and mobile media. You can use your customer data in targeting video ads as well as display ads in the Sanoma network. You also get the possibility to measure both offline and online sales conversion of the campaigns.

Let’s get technical

As with our Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Ads Customer Match integrations, there is no need for manual file import - export with Sanoma Custom Audiences either. Here are some examples of how the integration works:

  • You can create customer segments using Custobar and send any number of those segments to Sanoma using the seamless integration to Sanoma Custom Audiences.
  • Use the Custobar CDP’s tools, such as the RFM matrix or audiences and audience search, to create customer segments (data-based audiences).
  • Sanoma ads audiences will be sent automatically from Custobar to Sanoma. In other words, the data-based customer segments you created will automatically be visible on your Sanoma ads management system.
  • 1st party data, that is server-side conversion data, is sent to Sanoma securely.
  • Customer data can be automatically updated in Sanoma Custom Audiences whenever that data is enriched or new events occur in other channels that update the data in Custobar.
  • Sanoma Custom Audiences is only available in Finland.

Note! Any individual audience needs to have a minimum of several hundreds of contacts for utilising the Sanoma Custom Audiences. Our estimate: a minimum of 500-1000 contacts.

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Sanoma Media Finland and Custobar ease the use of customer data in digital marketing

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